About OH20 Football Shirts

The Passion, the Heroes, the Legends, the Ajax shirt!

The very first time I got to wear my brand new football kit as a young player on the field. That feeling is something I have never forgotten. The tangible nature of the kit and the pride of wearing the club colors. Yes, I’m certain that’s when my love for football shirts began.

The pride for the local village club, still carried warmly in my heart, soon turned into a great passion for Ajax, the heroes, the legends, and of course, the match shirts. From that moment on, I became an avid collector of authentic Ajax shirts and immersed myself in everything about the club, the matches, the players, and the background information. It’s a passion I enjoy sharing with others, hence OH20 Football Shirts.

Tim Brandhorst

Together, we share the love for the Ajax Shirt

Of course, I am still an enthusiastic collector, and my collection of unique Ajax shirts keeps growing. Because there are many more Ajax fans out there, a few years ago, I started selling authentic Ajax shirts domestically and internationally.

The rapid growth of our activities led us to take the next step, and with our team, we have now opened this online store.

Our goal is to share the love for the authentic Ajax football shirt as specialists with an ever-expanding community. We know the story and the legend behind each shirt in our collection. We are delighted to share this information with the customers of OH20 Football Shirts.

Timothy Brandhorst